COF Electric Height Adjustable Desk

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Sit or Stand Desks  — Stand up for your Health

Available in White, Black, Walnut, Beech, Japanese Ash, Light Oak as standard.

Other colours are available on request

Height adjustment from 685mm to 1205mm (includes 25mm top)

Desktop Size available 600m wide to 2000mm wide 800m depth to 1000mm depth

Load carrying capacity (including desktop): 70kg

Dual Rocker switch to improve safety

Desktop movement of 25mm per second

Top and Modesty available in a range of finishes

Frame Silver (RAL9006) powder coated steel

Just getting off our backsides for an extra 3-4 hours per day could slash our risk of heart disease and diabetes, burns more calories and helps aches and pains.

We can’t all stand up at work but researchers believe that even small adjustments like standing whilst talking on the phone, going over to talk to a colleague rather than sending an email, or simply taking the stairs will help.

Why Sitting is So Damaging!

Brain Activity – Brain function slows due to lack of fresh blood and oxygen being pumped around your body, resulting in lack of brain and mood enhancing chemicals required to stay alert.

Tiredness starts.

Heart Disease – Muscles burn less fat and blood flows slower during sitting.

This allows fatty acids to easily clog the heart. High blood pressure and elevated cholesterol are increased leading to cardiovascular disease.

Back Problems – Sitting does not allow nutrients and fresh blood to enter the spongy discs between vertebrae, resulting in hard support tendons and ligaments.

Uneven weight is also distributed unevenly between vertebrae causing spinal problems.

Inner Health Stats – Calorie burning drops to 1 per minute. Your breaking down fat enzymes drop 90%. Good Cholesterol drops 20%. Insulin effectiveness drops 24% and risk of diabetes rises.

Muscle Problems – Sitting creates electrical activity in leg muscles to shut off. Your Limp Glutes found around your buttocks become accustomed to no use, this lowers your ability to maintain a powerful stride.

Poor Circulation – Sitting for long periods slows blood circulation. This causes fluid to pool in the legs. This problem can cause swollen ankles and varicose veins, leading to dangerous blood clots called Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)